Teens, Mountains and Wild Horses: Hiking the Bogong High Plains

Over the last eight years I have worked on and off as an outdoor leader, working with schools and helping them facilitate their outdoor education programs. This usually means leading hiking trips or paddle journeys through some of the more beautiful places that Australia has to offer. Getting paid to do this privilege seems borderline … Continue reading Teens, Mountains and Wild Horses: Hiking the Bogong High Plains

Teens in Canoes: Paddling the Murray River

The Murray River is one of the most iconic rivers in Australia. It is steeped in history for both Indigenous Australians and European settlers alike and has been a source of transport, food and enjoyment for centuries. So to be able to enjoy sections of this river by paddling it in canoes is a privilege … Continue reading Teens in Canoes: Paddling the Murray River

Getting To Know Australian Wildlife

  I recently had the pleasure of escaping normal life, jumping in a canoe and floating down one of Australia’s finest rivers- The Murray. I had every intention of writing a thoughtful blog piece about how peaceful it was and that it was the kind of relaxing experience that everyone should try and have at … Continue reading Getting To Know Australian Wildlife

Can you enjoy travelling for work?

Everyone has a favourite place they like to visit regularly or wish they could go. It could be a beachside campground that you travelled to with your parents every summer as a child; that nostalgic feeling constantly draws you back every year. It could be somewhere that necessitates a hobby you have like surfing, skiing … Continue reading Can you enjoy travelling for work?

Tents, tourists and teenagers

In my working life, I find myself to be a traveller. I’m fortunate enough to travel to some amazing destinations within Australia and be paid to do it. This can come at a cost; I have to share it with other tourists and the teenagers I am entrusted to lead. Every year it brings me to Wilson’s … Continue reading Tents, tourists and teenagers