Hoi An: A little bit of everything

I sat on my hotel balcony and looked out over the Thu Bon River. Small vessels putted their way up and down stream with locals hawking ‘cheap’ trips to the ocean or the town centre while crews threw nets and traps into the salty water. Palm fronds on the far bank enveloped the scenery while … Continue reading Hoi An: A little bit of everything

Where to have a beer in Asia

Looking at the glutton of travel information available in magazines, blogs and via travel operators, making a list of favourite things is fairly common place. Personally, I have written articles and posts about many different aspects. I’ve talked about trains, I’ve talked about food. Hell, I’ve even talked about diarrhoea. But I have never drawn up a list. … Continue reading Where to have a beer in Asia

The boating option

Travelling by boat throughout Asia should be on top of every travellers bucket list. If I break it down properly, I have spent more days travelling on a boat throughout this region than I have on trains, motorbikes and taxis. When you think about it in that context, it’s quite surprising. Yet it shouldn’t be. Asia is … Continue reading The boating option

All aboard the sleeper train

I like to experience different modes of transport between destinations, within reason, and believe in a well-rounded travel approach. I have talked about these methods on this blog quite a few times, in fact. I ran my teeth over buses. I have debriefed the world on road travel. Airports have copped a fair whack and … Continue reading All aboard the sleeper train

Weather worries

Planning any holiday or trip requires a number of elements to be taken into consideration. Visas for international travel, equipment for activities, accommodation and transport are but a few examples. Yet there is one aspect of holiday making that is completely out of a person’s control- the weather. It has the ability to reduce a blissful … Continue reading Weather worries

Ruling the Road

Travelling on foreign roads has its quirks that make for interesting experiences. Whether it’s because you are on the ‘wrong side’ of the road, on a scooter or because the rules are a bit different, travelling down the highway overseas is never a straight forward event. The application of road rules is what scares people. … Continue reading Ruling the Road