Lessons Learned in Sabah, Northern Borneo

Sabah in Northern Borneo, is home to some of the richest wildlife and most variable countryside in Southeast Asia. With natural beauty such as the Kinabatangan River, Mount Kinabalu and the Tip of Borneo alongside kilometres of palm plantations, jungle and large cities; it’s an ever-changing and intriguing place. It has a rich history and … Continue reading Lessons Learned in Sabah, Northern Borneo

Why getting lost isn’t a bad thing

There is nothing more unsettling than being completely lost in a foreign country, wandering the streets aimlessly, franticly attempting to find your bearings before you curl up into a ball and sob. My next overseas trip is to America and begins with some time in New York City. The thought of getting lost in one of the … Continue reading Why getting lost isn’t a bad thing

Deciphering Australian travel myths

  A few weeks ago I wrote a blog about travel myths from some of my trips abroad and attempted to shed some light on their validity. As a result I was inundated with requests for a blog focussed specifically on Australian myths (when I say ‘inundated’ I mean ‘three people” but hey, feedback is … Continue reading Deciphering Australian travel myths

Trip planning: a blueprint

There is nothing more satisfying than organising that next big trip. All the decision making has been done and you have bitten the bullet, booked tickets and forked over wads of cash to travel agents. It’s a fantastic feeling. There is a process that takes place when organising any trip. Elements will change slightly from … Continue reading Trip planning: a blueprint