How not to climb a mountain: attempting Mt. Kinabalu

Mount Kinabalu is a major tourist draw in Sabah, the northern province of Borneo. Thousands of people successfully climb its summit each year with ages varying from teenagers through to the elderly. Daily, people slowly trudge their way up the hillside to view the sunrise from its 4095-metre-high peak. As a result, it is one … Continue reading How not to climb a mountain: attempting Mt. Kinabalu

Damn Mosquitos: trying to avoid malaria

Should I take anti-malaria medication on my next holiday? I have been travelling to Southeast Asia, on and off, for the last eight years and it is still a question I ask myself every time I organise a new trip. After all this time you would think that I would have it all figured out, … Continue reading Damn Mosquitos: trying to avoid malaria

Hoi An: A little bit of everything

I sat on my hotel balcony and looked out over the Thu Bon River. Small vessels putted their way up and down stream with locals hawking ‘cheap’ trips to the ocean or the town centre while crews threw nets and traps into the salty water. Palm fronds on the far bank enveloped the scenery while … Continue reading Hoi An: A little bit of everything

The importance of rest

What’s the first thing you think about when organising a holiday? Accommodation? Flights? Attractions? The price of beer? The last thing a person takes into consideration when travelling or holidaying is the importance of rest. In your planning, if you’re like me, I guarantee that you will study the guidebooks and determine a rough outline for … Continue reading The importance of rest

Excuse me, Mr Taxi Man

In the western world we take for granted the ability to use public transport at will. Taxis in particular, and now Ubers, make getting around a forgone conclusion. This can make for some subtle differences when traveling throughout some of the lesser developed parts of the world. When you think about public transport, your last … Continue reading Excuse me, Mr Taxi Man

The risks of Nepalese paragliding

In the grand scheme of things, I’m pretty conservative in the decisions I make. I worry about the consequences of actions and look into things far more than any normal person might do. Some say this is good to do whilst travelling. Watching out for dangers and hazards can only prove to be positive, right? In the general sense this … Continue reading The risks of Nepalese paragliding