Where to have a beer in Asia

Looking at the glutton of travel information available in magazines, blogs and via travel operators, making a list of favourite things is fairly common place. Personally, I have written articles and posts about many different aspects. I’ve talked about trains, I’ve talked about food. Hell, I’ve even talked about diarrhoea. But I have never drawn up a list. … Continue reading Where to have a beer in Asia

The boating option

Travelling by boat throughout Asia should be on top of every travellers bucket list. If I break it down properly, I have spent more days travelling on a boat throughout this region than I have on trains, motorbikes and taxis. When you think about it in that context, it’s quite surprising. Yet it shouldn’t be. Asia is … Continue reading The boating option

The Messy Reality

DISCLAIMER: probably got more poor language than normal. I blame the subject matter. Diarrhoea. The runs. The squirts. Bum wees. The trots. The s**ts. Travel sickness. Let’s be honest; every traveller, regardless of the destination, fears getting caught in the painfully awkward grasps of travel sickness. The fact that I don’t even have to write … Continue reading The Messy Reality