The Messy Reality

DISCLAIMER: probably got more poor language than normal. I blame the subject matter. Diarrhoea. The runs. The squirts. Bum wees. The trots. The s**ts. Travel sickness. Let’s be honest; every traveller, regardless of the destination, fears getting caught in the painfully awkward grasps of travel sickness. The fact that I don’t even have to write … Continue reading The Messy Reality

Sugar and Spice and All Things…Bloody Hot!

Spicy food has been a cornerstone of Asian cuisine for centuries. Chilli flakes, oils and powders are regularly found in condiment baskets on restaurant tables, ready to enhance already flammable curries for the ‘diner’s enjoyment’. Most wait staff will even ask you how spicy you would like the meal to be. This peace offering can … Continue reading Sugar and Spice and All Things…Bloody Hot!