The Sights and Sounds of New York City

  New York. The Big Apple. The greatest city on earth. It doesn’t matter what you know it as, New York is one of the few places in the world that is familiar with everyone and as such comes with a reputation. The excitement of visiting can be so overwhelming that you seriously doubt if it’s possible for … Continue reading The Sights and Sounds of New York City

A road trip to Scotland in an old Royal Mail van- Part 3

“Glasgow, ruins and Ben Nevis” I had never driven over the border into another country before driving into Scotland. I wasn’t not sure if there is going to be a large monument or border force. Some kind of line marking the end of England, accompanied by a guard of bagpipers, perhaps? Some kind of sound … Continue reading A road trip to Scotland in an old Royal Mail van- Part 3

Road tripping Australia

There is nothing better in the western world than loading up the car and travelling long distances in the name of family, holiday or adventure. Everyone has done a version of it and, usually, enjoyed the results. Whether it is with family, friends or by yourself- the simplest trips are often the most enjoyable. Road trips … Continue reading Road tripping Australia

Buff-Nay or Buff-Nay?

While on vacation, nothing compares to a breakfast buffet to get your day up and running. But have you noticed how hit and miss the all-you-can-eat buffet can be? There’s no middle ground- its either fantastic or spew worthy. At its best it has no equal. This includes a specialised chef/omelette man, whipping up omelettes … Continue reading Buff-Nay or Buff-Nay?

Sugar and Spice and All Things…Bloody Hot!

Spicy food has been a cornerstone of Asian cuisine for centuries. Chilli flakes, oils and powders are regularly found in condiment baskets on restaurant tables, ready to enhance already flammable curries for the ‘diner’s enjoyment’. Most wait staff will even ask you how spicy you would like the meal to be. This peace offering can … Continue reading Sugar and Spice and All Things…Bloody Hot!