A road trip to Scotland in an old Royal Mail van- Part 2

  "Getting out of England" If experience counts for anything when traveling, if you’re not waiting for a plane, you’re waiting for a friend. If the friend is there, you wait for a bus. If the bus isn’t the problem, you’re waiting for something else. In the case of our Scottish road trip, we were … Continue reading A road trip to Scotland in an old Royal Mail van- Part 2

Not Another Selfie

“Selfie- A photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam. Often shared via social media.”                                                                            The Oxford Dictionary. I visited Kanchanaburi in Thailand this year, home of the bridge over the River Kwai. This bridge was made famous by the 1958 movie of the same name, based on the hardships … Continue reading Not Another Selfie

Ruling the Road

Travelling on foreign roads has its quirks that make for interesting experiences. Whether it’s because you are on the ‘wrong side’ of the road, on a scooter or because the rules are a bit different, travelling down the highway overseas is never a straight forward event. The application of road rules is what scares people. … Continue reading Ruling the Road