Show some respect

I visited a sacred Hindu area when in Nepal a few years ago. I suppose the  location is best described as the Hindu equivalent of a funeral home. The site itself has been used as a place of worship for hundreds of years and the river flowing through it considered more sacred than the Ganges. Tourists get taken here to … Continue reading Show some respect

The risks of Nepalese paragliding

In the grand scheme of things, I’m pretty conservative in the decisions I make. I worry about the consequences of actions and look into things far more than any normal person might do. Some say this is good to do whilst travelling. Watching out for dangers and hazards can only prove to be positive, right? In the general sense this … Continue reading The risks of Nepalese paragliding

Where to have a beer in Asia

Looking at the glutton of travel information available in magazines, blogs and via travel operators, making a list of favourite things is fairly common place. Personally, I have written articles and posts about many different aspects. I’ve talked about trains, I’ve talked about food. Hell, I’ve even talked about diarrhoea. But I have never drawn up a list. … Continue reading Where to have a beer in Asia

Rhinos and tigers and crocs, oh my

Wild animals are attractions the world over. People specifically visit countries just to catch a glimpse of them in their natural habitat. With long lens cameras, they dream of that special close up they can stick in a frame and hang on the wall, happy in the knowledge they were there to witness nature in … Continue reading Rhinos and tigers and crocs, oh my