Exploring the Kinabatangan River

If I’m being honest, I had never heard of the Kinabatangan River before I agreed to travel with a friend to Borneo. He was excited to head east and spend time exploring the area famous for monkeys, crocodiles and elephants. My theory was if someone was that damned excited, it must be worth the effort. … Continue reading Exploring the Kinabatangan River

Visiting Sepilok: sun bears, orangutans and tourists

It took very little persuasion to convince me to go on a trip to Sabah in Northern Borneo. I only had one condition- to visit Sepilok and see the orangutans. Sepilok is as famous for its wildlife conservation and rehabilitation as it is for the animals it rehabilitates and it rightly sits atop the tree … Continue reading Visiting Sepilok: sun bears, orangutans and tourists

Getting To Know Australian Wildlife

  I recently had the pleasure of escaping normal life, jumping in a canoe and floating down one of Australia’s finest rivers- The Murray. I had every intention of writing a thoughtful blog piece about how peaceful it was and that it was the kind of relaxing experience that everyone should try and have at … Continue reading Getting To Know Australian Wildlife

Deciphering Australian travel myths

  A few weeks ago I wrote a blog about travel myths from some of my trips abroad and attempted to shed some light on their validity. As a result I was inundated with requests for a blog focussed specifically on Australian myths (when I say ‘inundated’ I mean ‘three people” but hey, feedback is … Continue reading Deciphering Australian travel myths

Rhinos and tigers and crocs, oh my

Wild animals are attractions the world over. People specifically visit countries just to catch a glimpse of them in their natural habitat. With long lens cameras, they dream of that special close up they can stick in a frame and hang on the wall, happy in the knowledge they were there to witness nature in … Continue reading Rhinos and tigers and crocs, oh my

Those Damn Mosquitoes

Spring is here! Flowers are blooming, the sun is shining and the days are longer! As delightful as that is though, now that it’s rolling into those warmer months, let’s talk about the major problem associated with the change of season- mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are my arch enemy in life. They provide no purpose other than to annoy … Continue reading Those Damn Mosquitoes