A little bit about me…

“I enjoy sports, having a beer and getting away. I also enjoy long walks on the beach at sunset.”

When you write down a line like that, you feel sentimental and emotional. When you say it out loud, it’s more like an audition for the Bachelor except you’re trying to convince yourself you’re not really a complete douchebag.

So how do you describe yourself without sounding like a self-absorbed wanker?

I hate doing personal descriptions, especially of myself. It’s right up there with volunteering for an anal probe- it’s fantastic if you’re into it but down right painful and invasive if you’re not.P1040457

Why do I need to describe myself for people to get an idea of what I am about? Is telling someone I like sports going to affect anyone’s life or opinion of me? Will informing people that I’m Australian make someone decide whether or not I am the type of person they could relate to?

The answer to all is no, but I’m willing to have a go. People have the right to understand a little bit about the person behind the writing. Therefore, I’ll try the honest approach and go from there.

I am a pretty basic individual and the word ‘basic’ is over selling it somewhat.

I like sport, but am only mediocre at it. In fact, if being average at sport were enough to go pro, I’d be a millionaire, sitting on a private beach, being hand fed grapes. But it is not so I am left to feed myself. For shame. P1000912

I love a beer and think it is one of the most relaxing ways to take in a place or experience. I don’t think there is ever an inappropriate time for a beer actually. Perhaps if you’re a teacher while at school, but that’s about it. Just don’t drive afterwards. Did I mention I’m responsible as well?

According to the framed certificate on my parents’ wall, I have a degree in camping. What this really means is that I did an Outdoor Education degree, but camping is an easier, one word way of describing that. I also have a diploma in education, technically making me a teacher of some kind, although that only happens on a casual basis. Yep, I’m a  substitute teacher but only when it suits me.

I have done a variety of jobs in my thirty plus year existence including, but not limited to: bartender, cleaner, pool lifeguard and outdoor leader. I have also been a gardener, labourer (of sorts) and, as mentioned above, teacher. Although these professions aren’t life defining, they have allowed me the opportunity to experience things I may not have been able to do otherwise. Sure, lifeguarding in central Victoria during an Australian summer sounds glamorous- the sweat, the boredom, and the poor pay- I have it all. Teaching has its perks- I get to be abused by teenagers who are all taller than me (actually, teaching and lifeguarding has made me a strong advocate for contraception. Wear a condom people.).

All these jobs have an upside- they give me a perspective on life that I may not have ordinarily had. It encourages me to see as much as I can, while I can. Couple that with a natural interest in nature, cultivated in me from my folks when I was young, ultimately led me to university and beyond. Actually, my parents played a large part in getting me out the door. This could be taken in two ways. My parents may have really wanted me to leave. There were four of us kids so getting rid of me as soon as possible would probably be a nice break. Or they wanted me to see more than the small part of the world we called home. I’d like to take the latter option but cannot discount the first having a part to play.

This all leads me here.

The most telling thing about me is that I enjoy looking at life in a light hearted way. Humour is great, all forms of it, and as a result I try and use it in everything I do. I like it because it makes people smile and that makes me smile. I grew up thinking that Monty Python movies were the funniest things to have ever been created, so I tried to find the funny in everything. I think this is the most important piece of information about me that you should know.


One thought on “A little bit about me…

  1. For this part of your bio I will follow: All these jobs have an upside- they give me a perspective on life that I may not have ordinarily had.
    Variety is the spice of life and an occas sit on the beach with a beer is a good way to reflect, if one does just sit and sip. Remeber to save for old age though


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