Local Travel: the benefits of travel within your own country

I spend a large amount of time pawing over travel sites and blogs, studying articles about various overseas destinations that spike my interest. And while I hope to watch the Northern Lights from an igloo hotel in Finland one day, I am also realistic about the financial implications of undertaking such a trip. There is … Continue reading Local Travel: the benefits of travel within your own country

The Love Of Travel

Recently, I finally realised what I like most about travel. It was a strange epiphany to suddenly come to a good two years after starting a travel blog but it was enlightening none the less. It wasn’t a lightning bolt moment by any stretch of the imagination either; more like a gentle elbow from your … Continue reading The Love Of Travel

Teens in Canoes: Paddling the Murray River

The Murray River is one of the most iconic rivers in Australia. It is steeped in history for both Indigenous Australians and European settlers alike and has been a source of transport, food and enjoyment for centuries. So to be able to enjoy sections of this river by paddling it in canoes is a privilege … Continue reading Teens in Canoes: Paddling the Murray River

Why I’m Not A Party Traveller

I looked at my social media newsfeeds not long ago and noticed it was filled with people partying at far flung locations around the globe. Topless blokes covered in body paint on tropical beaches danced with girls in bikinis, grasping buckets of cheap booze with seventeen straws in them to help share the love, amongst other … Continue reading Why I’m Not A Party Traveller

Getting To Know Australian Wildlife

  I recently had the pleasure of escaping normal life, jumping in a canoe and floating down one of Australia’s finest rivers- The Murray. I had every intention of writing a thoughtful blog piece about how peaceful it was and that it was the kind of relaxing experience that everyone should try and have at … Continue reading Getting To Know Australian Wildlife

Three Days in Hawaii

Although the image of Hawaii had been forming in my brain over the course of many years, it was still somewhat of a mystery; a tropical paradise that only existed in the movies and seemed available solely for the super rich. A place where people drink cocktails out of coconuts and the locals wear Hawaiian shirts regularly. You know- standard, gross … Continue reading Three Days in Hawaii

International Travel With An Infant: the inside guide.

  When my partner announced to the world that we were expecting a child, one of the first responses was for people to remark- “Gee, that’d make a great blog; travelling with children.” While the idea had crossed my mind, I was also acutely aware of the saturation of parenting blogs spread across the internet. … Continue reading International Travel With An Infant: the inside guide.

An unhelpful guide to tipping

As an Australian, the concept of tipping for service is somewhat of a rarity. Obtaining a tip from a customer in Oz requires something above and beyond what would normally be expected. Wrestling a wild boar whilst mixing a cocktail, for example, might constitute a little something extra. Or juggling pints of beer without spilling … Continue reading An unhelpful guide to tipping